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At My Maths Guy we understand the frustration of facing new Math concepts too soon, so we start slow and progress at a steady pace. We structure topics based on long experience of common sticking points among our students. We help Math students transform their skills and confidence one technique, topic or course at a time. Get ready to see 'nice work' on your next assignment.

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Hi, I’m Gary, and I'll be your instructor for all courses in the My Maths Guy school.

'I'll be straight with you, I love Math! But I completely get that for most of us it's very challenging, and often frustrating. I'm here to help make it easier for you. I've taught many Math students at various levels. I understand the sticking points and how to develop skills and boost confidence. I have a BSc Honours degree in Pure Mathematics and have been educated in both the UK and the US. I own and run a private tuition business where I've served many hundreds of Math students.'


From Gary

'Let's be real for a moment, Math takes some effort and I would never claim to make it easy - if only I had such magical powers! But having taught hundreds of students in person and thousands of students online I know the common pain points and have carefully designed these courses to help you overcome them. Watch the instructional videos, work the practice problems and your skills and confidence will grow quickly. And if you're not sure about anything, just ask, I'm here to support you when you need it.'

Online Math Courses